Custom bur for special cast steel application solves fracture issue by doubling the working tool life

One of the largest cast steel foundries in the world used an SB9 single cut bur for a deburring process in the automotive industry and was encountering fracture issues. Specifically, the foundry was experiencing fracture issues at the tip of the tool due to the flutes’ exposure, and extreme aggressiveness of the existing bur geometry. This resulted in tool failure after 60 work pieces.

ATA’s engineering experts were able to review the customers entire process, and after careful observation, examining and testing solutions, ATA developed a customised bur with the following changes:

  1. Additional flutes to reduce aggressiveness.
  2. Increase in chamfer size to minimize the flute exposure at the tip of the tool.

Problematic Competitors Bur (left) vs ATA's Bur

Special Cast Steel Application Bur Image
This graph shows the average number of completed work-pieces before tool failure.


ATA’s bur more than doubled the performance of the competitors.

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